Roane County News

2001 City of Knoxville, Tennessee, call to artists to create a Christmas Banner to display on Gay Street. Banner was two sided 2 ½ feet x 6 feet.

2002 911 Memorial Show at Rodman Townsend Senior Memorial Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee. Painting exhibited titled “Rising Spirits.” Exhibit at Eddie Chevrolet Dealership in Rutledge, Tennessee in memory of 911. Painting Exhibited titled “Rising Spirits.”

2002-2009 Sold eleven commissioned Pet Portraits

2003 Arts and Culture Alliance of Knoxville, Tennessee Member Exhibition at Rodman Townsend Memorial Gallery, Knoxville. November 7 through December 18, 2003. Paintings exhibited “Cuddle Fish” a grouping of four paintings. Began to create a body of work in anticipation of launching my own website.

2004 Arts and Culture Alliance of Knoxville, Tennessee Open all Media Show. May 7 through May 31, 2004. Held at Rodman Townsend Sr. Memorial Gallery, Knoxville Tennessee. Selection Judge Peter Baldaia. Paintings accepted and exhibited “Fuchsia” and “Barn Openings.” Second Annual Juried Fine Art Exhibition led by the Smithsonian entitled “Barns and Farms”, Held June 6 through July 18, 2004. Show held at Barnsite Art Studio, Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Judge Gregg Luginbuhl. Seventy five artists juried in from five hundred national entries. Painting accepted and exhibited “Farmers Pride and Joy.” Exhibited paintings for sale at the Barn Restaurant, Laurelville, Pennsylvania (a fine dinning restaurant). Sold three paintings, “Red Barn in Snow,” “Sun on Barn Window,” “Barn and Shed in Snow.” Painting sold from studio, “White Barn on a Sunny Day”

2008 - 2009 I was approached by the Kingston Library Board in Kingston Tennessee to begin an annual art show as part of their fund raising project to remodel the library. The first two shows were to be my work exclusively and the shows were held in the library. The First Annual Show was held May 8, 2008 for that evening. Sold 8 paintings and 135 note cards with my images. The Second Annual Show was held September 25 and 26, 2009 at the library. Fourteen historical Roane County barns were exhibited along with archival prints, photo prints, note cards and a book with the barn images and histories. Sold 2 archival print, 7 photo prints, 14 books, 41 note cards.

2011 Painting and preparing for website launch in Spring of 2013

2011-2013 I became ill and had to set aside my plans.

2013 Launched website. Health back to normal and back to painting.

2014 Opportunity to purchase a building and start my own gallery.

2015 Opened Envision Art Gallery, Grand Opening May 15. Operating Gallery and painting.

I paint for one reason only, the sheer joy of the whole experience !

Painting is a singular event, unlike any other experience. An escape into a world with no explanation or label. An unspeakable retreat from my being and environment.

I consider my ability to paint to be a talent given by God. It is obvious as I work that the entire process and execution is beyond my full understanding. Surely there is more than “me” involved.

I dedicate all my creations to the greatest creator of all, God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, and I thank the Holy Spirit for all His guidance in my life

It is a privilege to share my work with you in the hope my creations will bring you joy.

                          Holding On    24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

As a child I started drawing when my mother, who was a talented person in her own right, encouraged me.  During my teen years I worked mostly in pencil, charcoal and pastels.  I took an elective art class in each of my four high school years.  There I was introduced to poster paints and conceptual ideas that were new to me.  Then, after high school, from 1963-1964, I studied Art at Santa Ana Junior College in Santa Ana, California.  While I was enrolled there, I decided art was, by far, my favorite activity in life.

My classes included drawing the human figure, buildings and still life.  I was taught color mixing and theory, and was fortunate to receive instruction in perspective, form, and composition; I even had opportunities to experiment with oils, pencil, crayon, charcoal, pastels, ink washes, water colors and mixed media.  I topped it all off with a course in Art History.

Perhaps the most significant lesson I learned while practicing these different techniques in my youth was how to really see objects not just look at them.  Not surprisingly, this changed my view of life and, of course, of art.  I began to view life as a canvas; the people and objects that interested me became part of one mental canvas after another. At the same time, I was blessed to be encouraged by fellow students who were also serious about art. I especially enjoyed those two years at Santa Ana, and remember that it was at about that time I realized my favorite medium was indeed oils.

I married my husband, Skip, shortly after college, and though my dream since those early college days had been to become proficient in oil painting and ultimately to sell my work, as is the case with so many dreams, it escaped me when I awoke to the reality of family and child-rearing, both commitments I do not regret.  Along the way, I became involved in several business ventures with my husband, experiences that proved both fun and rewarding, but I never completely stopped painting, and I surely never stopped enjoying it.  I took advantage of local art organizations and their contests and shows at parks and malls, which, looking back, was good for me because they not only kept my interest alive and my eye and brush limber, but they also kept the hope of more art adventures alive in my heart.

After my children were grown and we had moved from California to Grainger County, Tennessee, I made a decision to get serious about my painting. That was in 2001. I was simultaneously blessed with a deep desire to work and time to fulfill the desire, painting almost every day. I sensed my skills improving rapidly. Humbled by what I could see was progress, I thanked God and set my mind to do something constructive with my talent. My goal was to turn out quality work on a consistent basis. I entered shows and began to sell my work. I built up an inventory of paintings necessary to be taken seriously as an artist. In 2012 I accomplished my goals and was excited to share my God-given gift with others. At this point I prepared to launch a website as my next step to share my work with my community. Learning the computer was a daunting task for me, however I received much help from those that were encouraging me to continue.

As I approached the blessing of living to the age of 70 in mid 2014 I found myself still dreaming, from my college days, of owning my own art gallery. I had much experience operating businesses with my husband over my life so I felt it to be a possibility, God willing. In the summer of 2014 an opportunity to purchase a building was suddenly presented to me. The dream unfolded very quickly and friends encouraged me to “go for it.” And so I did! Embracing the joy of it all the building was purchased in October 2014 and my vision became Envision Art Gallery. We opened April 1, 2015. My hope now is that people will enjoy the artistic talent God has given me and will see and share the joy that comes forth in my creations.